Gay Brandywine Valley and Chester County: Pennsylvania's Own Napa

The Brandywine Valley might be the best kept secret in Pennsylvania. The region boasts an unexpected wine trail of award-winning vineyards, and is home to charming villages, wonderful museums, and historic sites.

The Brandywine River runs through Chester County and meets the Delaware River in Wilmington. It's only 45 minutes from Philadelphia, making it a perfect day trip or weekend getaway for Philly urbanites that are in the know. Spring and Christmas time are the most popular times to visit, but the gardens and conservatories that the Du Pont family has scattered among the valley are spectacular year round.

The second best kept secret about the Brandywine is how gay-friendly it is, perhaps due to the steady stream of visitors from Philly's gay scene. The idyllic surroundings are popular for commitment ceremonies of all types. The charming historic downtowns offers antique shopping and fabulous dining options accompanied by local wines. There are also historical sites and outdoor activities scattered around the valley.

Restaurants to check out